Kalloctech Engine

Our partner company, Kalloc Studios Inc. has developed a high performance cross platform game engine, the Kalloc Game Engine to maintain a vast array of feature set ranging from modern network technologies to a collection of advanced graphical effects. It is a complete development framework for PCs, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, providing diverse technologies geared towards the multifaceted approach needed for modern game development. The engine supports the creation and rendering of massive and complicated environment that cutting edge video game demands.

Each aspect of the engine has been crafted with efficiency and ease of content creation and programming in mind, focused towards giving engineers, artists, and designers the tools needed to develop full featured top games in a rapid manner.

Through the use of our technology, artists have the ability to develop assets in the virtual environment with a little to no programmer’s assistance. The Instant Preview Engine of the game engine integrates modern 3D modeling and texture creation software, allowing any artists to immediately see their work in game, as well as modifying and updating their artwork in real time.

An array of powerful tools will give artists the rapid content generation ability such as Kalloc Game editing tool which allows designers to create entire cityscapes in a real time environment, including building and prop placement, vehicle traffic, and ambient pedestrian populations, allowing the creations of the content to come to life before their eyes. The custom Kalloc scripting system grants designers the flexibility to create a vast diversity of gameplay within the game world they have created.

  Game Editor feature for design team
  Supports simultaneous and multi-user editing
  Fast and simple load of levels allowing designers loading specific levels they want to work on
  Remembers your last work state when you quit
  Enables editing levels, props placement, quests, NPC, particles and so on with all-encompassing editing tools
  Easy to navigate and well organized feature sets
  High similarity between what is seen in the game and the level editor
  Intuitive user interface and controls
  Fast performance that resembles the game
  Ability to mass place props in the world using items offset
  An instant preview window for the selected meshes with real time controls and lighting
  Easy switch between the tool and Maya
  Art pipeline and tool sets for art team
  Rapid export process; usually takes less than a minute
  Live update system allows artists to quickly see their changes in real time in the game, and update automatically
  Can quickly drop a new asset in the game and preview it
  Can replace existing asset in the level with new ones created
  Advanced Maya script providing various tools such as clean-up scene structure, optimize scene structure, pivot point reset tools, one-click fast export tool, it is very simple to use
  Results are predictable, the process does not modify what you created
  Flexible control by the artists in how they want the mesh to be generated
  Instant feedback provides instant modification and better quality of work
  Efficient and time saving
  Integrated artists working environment – supports MAYA and 3D STUDIOS MAX
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