Instant Preview Engine
 Challenges of game development
Nowadays, game developers and publishers are facing a lot of challenges and risks. Large human resource and big budget are very common for a game project. A typical American AAA game title can cost millions of US dollars and involves hundreds of manpower to develop. However, return of the enormous investment is not guaranteed as most of the games are losing money. The competition in the game market is fierce. If they miss deadline or the best release date, their competitors will very likely pass them up quickly with competing games.

Continuous technology advancement makes it feasible to accommodate more advanced and complicated games. Gamers are expecting high quality game and less tolerate to buggy game. Poor quality games not only affect company reputation, but also difficult to attract and retain players under the highly competitive game market. It further increases the development time and cost.

On the other hand, the game development technology is severely inefficient. Game designers and artists have to wait long hours before they can see their work in the game. There are very few design and art iterations due to the long asset pipeline data processing and non-native tools. This leads to long development time and huge manpower resource. Game developers are demanding more efficient game development tools.

 Our Solution - Instant Preview Engine

Our unique and innovative Instant Preview Engine (IPE) is an ideal solution to maintain their competitiveness and minimize game development risk. It enables game developers create and modify game content rapidly to drastically speed up game development and reduce development cost of a typical video game.

Instant Preview Engine removes and streamlines content creation dependencies that generate long duration of asset processing. Authoring tools are integrated with live content directly so as to reduce idle time per staff and hereby less manpower per project. It allows artists and designers preview their work immediately as well as updating and modifying their work. The revolutionized workflow significantly increases developers’ efficiency and productivity, resulting in a better quality product.

 Design team - Instant Preview Engine Demonstration

 Art team - Instant Preview Engine Demonstration(Modify texture)

 Art team - Instant Preview Engine Demonstration(Modify model)

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