Easy cross-platform development
  Supports PC, PlayStation3, and Xbox360
  Rendering library allows advanced rendering techniques to be written once and worked on all platforms.
  Asynchronous, multithreaded support allows the same code to seamlessly work on PC, Xbox360, and PS3 which easily utilize all available processors including the SPUs
Efficient graphics
  HDR with advanced tone mapping, adaptive luminance and blooming produce more realistic images
  Ambient occlusion provides more details and depth
  Advanced particle system creates more effects such as explosion and fire
  Object shaders for normal mapping, detail mapping, environment mapping, and many specialized shaders for objects such as cars, buildings, roads, and terrain.
  Cascaded shadow maps
  Blended level of detail for objects
  Advanced water with projected grid technology for real waves
  Vertex morphing technology supports localized damage to objects
  Specialized technology efficiently renders large forests and thick foliage
  Dynamic shadows with PCF techniques soften edges and give more realistic look
  God Ray produces more natural light
  Atmosphere effect
  Metallic cars with real time reflections
  Day and night cycle
  Multiple full screen effects
  Use of multiple render targets
  Dynamic vegetation with vertex wind
  Support millions of triangles rendering
  Terrain blending technology
Fast rendering technology
  Multi-threaded software occlusion renders arbitrary, artist created occluders which exclude occluded objects from the rendering pipeline as early as possible for maximum performance gain
  Dynamic OctTree for multi-threaded, hierarchical visibility testing.
  Utilizes platform-specific optimizations which are hand-crafted for PC, PS3, and Xbox360.
  Use of Playstation Edge technology on PS3 for triangle culling and skinning
Fast graphics development iterations
  Shader reloading technology allowing shader changes to be instantly viewed without relaunching the game.
  Render list system which allows for the same, predicable behavior on all platforms, preventing many common, hard to debug rendering issues
Automate LOD generation
  Automatic generation and use of three layers of LODs which combine many objects together and significantly reduce polygon and texture usage
Streaming technology
  Multi-pass streaming system which loads in the most important data first
  Seamless use of the lowest level of LOD for areas which are not streamed in, allowing for maximum visibility distance
  Smart streaming behavior which takes into account memory use and game performance
  Abstracted physics system which can be modified to support many different 3rd party libraries
  Includes support for Havok and NVIDIA PhysX libraries.
  Driving model which allows for realistic, but fun driving by both players and AI.
  Physics streaming system which drastically improves memory use and performance.
  Physics driven cars and characters
  Proprietary networking protocol which allows for arbitrary messages to be passed over a reliable UDP connection which includes anti-spoofing technology.
  Supports a connection to an MSSQL database for queries, including the auto-generation and versioning of tables and stored procedures
  Networking library for MMO development
  Powerful, extensible scripting and trigger system
  Quest and trigger scripting system
  Ambient traffic system which follows traffic laws and has advanced density tuning.
  Ambient pedestrians which follow sidewalks and run from danger.
  Automate AI navigation mesh generation.
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