Kalloc Studios Asia Limited is an international software development company that researches and develops cutting edge software for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries utilizing the latest technology, and deals with international business transaction for Fuzor. Our development team, Kalloc Studios Incorporated, is headquartered in California, United States focusing on software development. Our Asia Headquarters is in Hong Kong handling 3D art library development as well as channel development, support, software workflow implementation, training for Fuzor worldwide. Henry Yu founded the original Kalloc Studios in Vista, California, United States in 2006 who has over 30-year experience in creating innovative software methodologies and is the author for the KallocTech Engine and inter-program bi-directionality as our company’s core technology.

Fuzor is a full project life cycle platform for architecture, engineering and construction projects to increase productivities and reduce cost. Fuzor has gained tremendous popularities since its release. Fuzor has been used by over one million architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, project managers, clients in over 50 countries. It has been implemented in multi-billion projects and save hundred millions dollars for their projects.

Fuzor is powered by our patented and award winning Kalloctech Engine. Our development team has devoted over 10 years to develop our proprietary Kalloctech Engine. It has been awarded patents in the U.S. and China, and won Gold Medal in Invention of Geneva. The Engine is very versatile that can be used for a wide range of applications in many fields, from AEC to manufacturing, medical and military applications.

In addition, we have built strong channel partners relationship with experienced and leading software reselling and consulting companies worldwide to provide sales and marketing, pre-sale demonstration, after-sale support to local market. Our extensive partner network includes some of the best consultants, architects, engineers in the industry who are the industry leader with a lot of connections in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

Kalloc Story
Kalloc Studios started with a small team focusing on contracted projects for top game companies such as Electronic Arts, THQ, D3Publisher of America, and Konomi producing a number of game titles. It has quickly gained a reputation for delivering high quality work and solving challenging development issues. It helped these game publishers to meet their budget, tight schedule, and shipped their products on time. With Henry Yu’s leadership and his vision, the team has expanded to Hong Kong, the gateway to Asia, in 2009. In addition to these game projects, Mr. Yu has been working actively with the team to develop commercial BIM applications using the Instant Preview Engine that he spent many years to invent and develop. During 2011 and 2012, its studios have developed and published three mobile games in which the Tigers of the Pacific series have achieved a significant download number from mobile funs.

Late 2012, its studios have developed the first commercial application using Instant Preview Engine technology, the Cloud City. Mr. Yu has utilized this unique technology to several practical applications. In particular, he utilized the Augmented Reality technology together with Skype to create a virtual identity to enhance the player experience for Cloud City game. In 2013, Kalloc Team started the development of Fuzor, a BIM visual simulation software, by establishing the connection between Instant Preview Engine and Autodesk Revit. With the support from professors and professionals in the AEC industry, Fuzor was officially released on the first quarter of 2014.

We are dedicated to building Kalloc Studios and Fuzor as a well-known brand in the AEC industry worldwide. We promote Fuzor as a daily design and BIM tool to make it a standard in the AEC industry.
Kalloc Team is formed by a group of passionate and talented programmers and artists who have several decades combined experience in the video game development. Many of them have involved in developing AAA games titles in their previous companies. They aspire to create and develop advance algorithms and techniques that can greatly improve the efficiency of content creation.

Over the past years, they have created the “Live Link” technology for AEC industry. By working closely with professionals from the industry and professors from major universities to ensure both the technology and methodology meet clients’ and industrial expectation and standards. Since the release of the BIM application, Fuzor, they have achieved a solid track record in delivering requested features and timely support to their clients.

Our Art and Design team consists of a dedicated group of creative and talented 3D artists who are passionate about cutting edge graphics and game development. The team has a proven track record of delivering high quality 3D art assets and experience with creating innovative graphics for next-gen games.

The Technical Artist and Tools development team works with third-party engines, software, and tool pipelines in an effort to streamline the creation of games themselves. This team has developed a set of proprietary tools for Maya and 3DMax in order to produce high quality 3D art with ease.

Our graphics and gameplay programmers have possessed rich skills including advanced platform-specific graphics, SPU programming, third-party library integration, memory management, and platform-specific performance optimizations. They have shipped a number of major titles.

The companies’ networking programmers have experience in online and LAN networking, PlayStation Network-specific feature integration, and DLC integration. Their efforts have resulted in many satisfied clients who have received work that exceeded their expectations.

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