“Grab and Edit”
Our unique “Grab and Edit” feature enables game developers play the game while they are still working on the content. They can grab whatever they do not like in the game and modify it immediately. The changes will be reflected in the game immediately. Productivity and efficiency will be increased significantly and hence reducing the game development time and cost.

“Point and Fix”
Quality Assurance staff can spot out the bugs in the game and send the information to game artists, designers and programmers. Bugs can be fixed immediately and QA staff can preview their work instantaneously. This has removed the time-consuming process of communicating the bugs with the responsible people. This saves time and improves logistic efficiency.

“Mark and Build”
This enables artists tailor made buildings for a particular area. It has relieved game designers’ headache in finding buildings to fit an area with irregular shape. In addition, with “Mark and Build” feature, artists no longer need to repeat the same procedure of measuring the block and placing the building every time. The location data is stored, they can preview the building and adjust the size of the building accordingly to fit the block. This results in more accurate and authentic placement of buildings.

Advanced lighting techniques
It allows for thousands of dynamic lights simultaneously. When one lamp is knocked down by a car, the surrounding lights will be changed accordingly.

Seamless streaming technology
It supports extremely large, open worlds with silk smooth gameplay experience as we carefully engineer between use of in memory caching and data distribution balancing.

Support Multi-core CPU
Our tools support modern multi-core processor to achieve blazing speed of data processing as well as smooth gameplay. It fully utilizes the capacity of the latest hardware technology

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