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Asia Game Show 2011

Kalloc Studios’ exhibition in Asia Game Show 2011 has been ended successfully. It has demonstrated its latest “Kung Fu System” with fabulous motion plus camera control and slow motion. This creates a totally new online action game experience.

This innovative motion control system has successfully attracted a lot of players to try it. One player said “I cannot believe that this is a semi-finished product as the entire combat system is very exciting with slow motion and different angles’ control, the freedom of players is high in the game, and the game scene design is great. I will definitely support it after the official launch”.

The Assistant Project Manager, Grace expressed that they would like to bring the essence of Chinese Kung Fu to the game. “We have referenced to professional martial arts’ demonstration videos and used bone animation to visualize it vividly in the game.”

When talking about the direction of the future development, Grace supplemented that “We are implementing a series of innovative gameplay which is out of players’ imagination to bring a completely new experience to players. The game is expected to be completed in the third season, do not miss it.”

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