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Henry Delivered a Speech about Kalloc Architecture Software in AIAB Conference 2013

On 24th October, 2013, Henry Yu delivered a speech about Kalloc Studios’ latest architecture software tentatively named, Fuzor in AIAB Conference 2013. He shared with Revit users the high efficiency of Fuzor achieved by giving them the ability to instantly visualize their architectural design in Autodesk Revit 2014 real-time. The software is expected to release at Autodesk University held from 3-5th December, 2013 in Las Vagas, United Stated.

About Fuzor

Fuzor is a software designed especially for architects. It can visualize any designs, partial or completed, and display design functions in real-time from Revit files. With intuitive user interface and easy operations, Fuzor is designed for architect everyday use.

Fuzor is capable of instantaneously displaying any changes right with full rendering engine after you modify any components of your buildings while you are working on the Revit file. The process is simple and seamlessly for everyone regardless their skill level to fully appreciate architectural design.

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