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CEO Gave Speech in Global Augmented Reality Summit 2013

On 10th September, 2013, Henry Yu, the CEO of Kalloc Studios Asia Limited gave a speech titled “Augmented Reality for Video Games & Commercial Application” in the Global Augmented Reality Summit 2013 held in Shanghai. Mr. Yu has discussed the latest development of Augmented Reality (AR) in game and introduced the company’s upcoming Augmented Reality mobile app.

Mr. Yu has shared the company’s implementation of Augmented Reality on a large online social game platform, Cloud City to increase attachment to the platform as well as encourage social interaction with other players. It integrated real identity of players with game characters through Skype to enhance the game experience.

In addition, Mr. Yu showed how the AR mobile app prototype helps with onsite presentation of architectural design with clients for architecture and construction industry. The app is capable of visualizing multiple design models of Revit on the actual site by utilizing GPS and Dropbox.

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