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Great success of Tigers of the Pacific Series

We have accumulated over 2 million download for Tigers of the Pacific 1 and 2 in official channels such as Google Play and App Store since its first release in July, 2011. The download number does not include illegal downloads. We estimate that the actual download number is at least 5 million based on the download figure of unauthorized channels in China.

The Tigers of the Pacific Series is very popular especially in China. There is over 880 thousand downloads in one of the China platforms, Wandoujia. We have continuously received a lot of license requests from worldwide mobile companies. In 2012, we collaborated with a listed mobile game platform to promote Tigers of the Pacific 1 in China and released a simplified Chinese version to help players understand the story of the game better.

The download number and revenue of Tigers of the Pacific series still grows steadily. Our development team is very excited with the great popularity of the series. We will work as hard as we can to develop more high quality games in the future.

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