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InnoCarnival 2012 Exhibition Ended Successfully

Kalloc Studios was invited by the Innovation and Technology Commission to exhibit its unique technology, the Instant Preview Game Engine and share its successful technology development experience in the InnoCarnival 2012 which was held from 3rd to 11th November, 2012. During the 9-day exhibition period, we have arranged 3D artists to demonstrate how the Instant Preview Engine work and introduce different commercial applications of the Engine. Hopefully, it can increase the general public’s understanding of the new invention in game industry and 3D technology.

It has attracted a lot of students’ and media’s attention. To name a few, The Scoop featured our award winning invention, the “Instant Preview Game Engine” on 2nd November, 2012. The Assistant Project Manager, Grace Wong expressed that, “We are happy that our invention was recognized internationally. We hope we can promote the general application of this technology in city planning, architecture, commercial demonstration and so on via this exhibition. Meanwhile, we would like to help the Innovation and Technology Commission to promote the local invention in Hong Kong.

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