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Tigers of the Pacific 2 will be released soon

Thanks to the overwhelming number of downloads from our fans since the first release of Tigers of the Pacific last year, we are developing its sequel, Tigers of the Pacific 2. We have taken into account of players’ feedback and the experience of developing Tigers of the Pacific, a new storyline, gameplay and a wide variety of aircrafts are also added to the sequel. This new game is expected to be released in the first quarter of this year.

“Our development team is delighted with the number of downloads and positive feedback from the public. Meanwhile, it encourages us to develop better games with different themes and unique gameplay. Our design team has specially designed this sequel to show our appreciation to the continuous support to Tigers of the Pacific from our fans. The sequel keeps the soul of the game series, a new gameplay and story are added aiming at providing a better game experience” said Grace Wong, Assistant Project Manager of Kalloc Studios.

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