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Aura Ball will be released soon

On 13th May, 2011, Kalloc Studios Asia Limited announced that it would release Aura Ball which is a new update for its first mobile game, Runelore very soon. It anticipates that it will be available in Apple Store in about 3 to 4 weeks and the earliest next week for Android phone. Besides the change of the name of the App, there is also a significant improvement for its graphic and interface.

Kalloc Studios is excited about releasing the first mobile game to bring excellent gaming experience to mobile phone users.

“We have got pretty good feedback from players since its release in September, 2010. We have taken into account some of their comments. It is renamed as Aura Ball to make it easy to remember and pronounce. Our artists have redesigned the graphic to provide players a completely new experience. It would surely surprise a lot of puzzle game fans and make them fall in love with it. In addition, we have also replaced the music with lovely piano music and made a lot of changes to the game. These changes would leave for players to explore further. This is definitely a puzzle game you can never miss and please pay a close attention to our release.”said Grace Wong, Assistant Project Manager of Kalloc Studios.

The screenshots of Aura Ball is available in our website. Please visit http://www.kallocstudios.com.hk/mobile.html to preview the new graphic.

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