2014.10   Fuzor in BuildTech 2014 International Conference
2013.11   Kalloc Studios Attends Autodesk University Exhibition 2013
2013.10   Henry Delivered a Speech about Kalloc Architecture Software in AIAB conference 2013
2013.09   CEO Gave Speech in Global Augmented Reality Summit 2013
2013.06   CEO Gave Speech in the “Think Asia Think Hong Kong” in LA
2012.12   Great success of Tigers of the Pacific Series
2012.12   Henry's Speech at Inaugural Cultural Park Carnival Program
2012.11   InnoCarnival 2012 Exhibition ended successfully
2012.05   Kalloc Studios releases its third mobile game "Tigers of the Pacific 2"
2012.04   Instant Preview Engine Awarded Gold Medal
2012.02   Tigers of the Pacific 2 will be released soon
2011.12   Asia Game Show 2011
2011.12   Kalloc Studios is exhibiting at Siggraph Asia 2011
2011.08   Sale Promotion of Apps on Apple Store on August 27, 2011
2011.08   Kalloc Studios was invited SIGGRAPH 2011 course on “Filtering Approaches for Real-Time Anti-Aliasing”
2011.08   "Tigers of the Pacific Lite"becomes one of the top 10 hottest apps on AppBrain
2011.07   Kalloc Studios released the second mobile game “Tigers of the Pacific”
2011.06   Kalloc Studios attended HiT Barcelona Global Entrepreneurship Competition 2011
2011.05   Aura Ball is available for sale on Apple Store
2011.05   Aura Ball will be released soon
2011.01   Kalloc Studios released the first mobile game "RUNELORE"
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